Hg Capital Growth Summit

  • 10 November 2020

Andrew provided the opening keynote for the HG Capital 2020 Growth Summit titled “New Rules for selling through the screen: the digital touch”

Earlier this year McKinsey & Company published a survey about how B2B sales have changed during Covid. With 90% of selling now remote, how do we sell through the screen?

The theme of the event was “Same game, new rules” and was broadcast to the entire Hg portfolio of companies globally.

In keeping with the theme of “New Rules” he shared 5 new rules for selling through the screen:

1. Eminence has real value
2. Your digital 1st impression is key
3. Influencers belong on your team
4. Native content beats paid advertising
5. Embrace your LinkedIn profile

As the Actionable Futurist, the talk was part inspiration, part practical and the delegate and client feedback shows it was the perfect mix.

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