Is AI OK for Law Firms or is it an inevitable threat?

  • 13 September 2016
  • The Grange Tower Bridge, London

Andrew delivered the closing keynote: “Is AI OK for Law Firms or is it an inevitable threat?”.

He covered Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain and how Smart Contracts are already disrupting the legal industry and how they can prepare.

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The Briefing 5P conference centres on progressing beyond traditional silos in legal services and demonstrates that project management, process and pipeline matter to everyone. People in legal business have to work together in a more inter-dependent, project-based way to deliver legal work, increase profits and retain clients.

It is important to position yourself ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation to form a more business-like view of how procurement, pricing people, profitability and process are all interdependent and need to be viewed holistically.

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