RWK Goodman – The Decade Ahead

  • 16 January 2020
  • The Gherkin, London

On the top floor of the iconic Gherkin building in London (and mere weeks before the whole of the UK was locked down due to Covid-19), Andrew presented to 200 of the leading law firm RWK Goodman (formerly Royds Withy King) clients on the Decade Ahead where he delivered his futurist views on a range of trends for 2020 and beyond including:

• Climate change – using satellites + AI to sport trends
• The Future of work – people / place / purpose
• Digital legacy – what happens to our data when we die?
• The High street challenge
• Wearables and the value exchange needed before consumers will share health data
• Facial recognition – and how we’ll smile instead of swipe soon
• The Internet of Things and why this sector will grow rapidly
• Space travel

All in a very crisp 15 minutes.

He also provided some predictions for the decade ahead

• Driverless cars only roads
• AI in the boardroom > better decisions
• Wireless charging for electric vehicles
• Modular houses built in 10 days
• Uber flying taxis
• Chief Trust officer in 50% of top 2000 companies
• World population 8Bn
• UK fastest growing country in Europe

  • Time : 12:00 - (Europe/London)

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