Tech, AI & Security – Whistleblowing in an Unregulated Sector

  • 28 December 2023
  • Portcullis House, London

Andrew will be joining a roundtable, organised by WhistleblowersUK.

The roundtable forms part of a series of events in Parliament on 28 and 29 November to raise awareness about the important issue of Whistleblowers.

Whistleblowing is barely out of the news. We cannot turn on the TV without a headline or plot that relies on whistleblowers and how badly they are treated. Think about our Police, NHS, Armed Forces, Media, banks, corporations – the list goes on

Whistleblowing is good for society and good for business. Whistleblowers are the most effective first line of defence against crime, corruption and cover up. WBAW is an opportunity for MPs to understand how proposed legislation is key to driving a culture where speaking up is valued, and where people who try to silence whistleblowers or suppress evidence of wrongdoing face the full force of the law.

WBAW will transform the way that we think about whistleblowers. It will dispel the stigma and suspicion that overshadow whistleblowers. It will also demonstrate how the Whistleblowing Bill developed by WhistleblowersUK for the

Technology Industry thought leaders including Andrew will join the roundtable to discuss these issues, sharing views, ideas and insights based on their experience.  A summary will be shared with the government as input to the whistleblowing review, and also into discussion on AI regulation, from a whistleblowing perspective.

The event will be held on  28 November 2023 from 13:00-14:30 at Portcullis House in London.

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