TechnoGym Digital Transformation Event

  • 7 March 2019
  • McLaren Technology Centre

Following on from Andrew’s opening keynote at the TechnoGym Digital Transformation event at the Lancashire Cricket Ground Member’s Suite in Manchester on October 11, 2018, he presented at their Digital Transformation event held at the McLaren Thought Leadership centre.

He spoke to over 120 of TechnoGym’s most senior clients and staff about the opportunities from Digital and specifically:

  • To communicate the power of digital and how to embrace it to enhance your business
  • The benefits of enhancing digital for your business (Efficiency / Effectiveness / Differentiation)
  • Not seeing digital as a threat, or barrier (not to replace staff necessarily, but reduce tasks)
  • Out of industry examples of digital adoption to transform their business
  • Recommendations for adoption in the wellness sector
  • Provide 3 key takeaways for the audience to consider for their businesses

Additional video footage courtesy of Daniel Bristow at Clear As Day Productions

Stills photography courtesy Scott Heavey at Copper & Cope