The Association of Investment Companies

  • 12 June 2024
  • London Stock Exchange

Andrew will be speaking at a conference for an audience of non-executive directors and specialist asset managers on the morning of 12 June at the London Stock Exchange.

Andrew will be delivering a talk on Generative AI, large language models and opportunities for growth businesses.

The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) is a trade association in the United Kingdom that represents and supports investment trusts and venture capital trusts. It provides information and advocacy to assist its members and promote the interests of the collective investment industry.

The AIC offers various services, such as training, research, and advice on technical and legal issues related to investment. It also engages in public relations to improve the understanding and reputation of the investment company industry. Additionally, the AIC aims to influence policy and regulations in a way that benefits both its members and investors.

Members of the AIC include a wide range of investment companies, including those that manage closed-end funds like investment trusts and VCTs. These companies benefit from the AIC’s efforts to provide a better regulatory and investment environment.