In this rapidly changing world, artificial intelligence is having an impact everywhere. The arrival of new generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and Stable Diffusion will deeply disrupt industries everywhere, from education to finance. Are you ready for these changes, and what can you and your firm do to adapt?

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Do you and your executive team understand the transformational power of AI? At a recent engagement, I spent a day with the leadership team of a large UK PLC to deliver a thorough understanding of what AI is and what it isn’t as well as a facilitated workshop to look at specific opportunities for the business around AI.

See Andrew’s AI hub for more detailed information on his AI expertise.

In one afternoon, we were able to come up with a portfolio of ideas that could instantly transition into a proof of concept for the business.

Andrew can provide a 45-60 minute impactful keynote on AI, or a longer, immersive day-long AI Masterclass.

My AI Masterclass includes:

• The different types of AI
• AI uses in specific industries
• New AI platforms, such as Generative AI
• Review of existing AI tools available
• The responsible use of AI
• AI Ethics and risks considerations
• The importance of good quality training data
• AI uses in your industry
• Opportunities for AI in your business
• Facilitated workshop to derive candidates for a proof of concept
• Actionable next steps
• List of AI resources

Is your industry the next one to be disrupted by generative and other forms of AI? Actionable Futurist Andrew Grill will look at the different types of AI platforms and provide actionable tips on understanding immediate and longer-term threats and opportunities.

This talk is ideal for executives, boards of directors, sales kick-offs, or company annual retreats and can also be delivered as a stand-alone keynote to fit your event format.

For more detail on Andrew’s deep understanding of this topic, please visit the AI hub.