With the human attention span now around 8.25 seconds, how do you get B2B buyers to stop and invest time in making a purchase decision? This was a challenge I faced when updating my latest keynote speaker showreel, which you can see below.

In the speaking business, there are a few routes to market. Repeat clients are always the best, and multiple times I’ve picked up new clients sitting in the audience who say to themselves, “we need that guy for our next event”.

SEO forms another path to purchase, and the team at Speaking Office work hard to ensure my content finds an audience for people looking for what I do.

The final route to market is via Speaker Bureaus such as

Speakers Corner, JLA, London Speaker Bureau, Chartwell Speakers, VBQ Speakers, Champions Speakers, Raise the Bar, Gordon Poole Agency, A-Speakers, Scamp Speakers, The Speakers Agency, CSA Celebrity Speakers, Performing Artistes, Kruger Cowne, and The Motivational Speakers Agency.

They are the companies you call when you say “we need a ….” for our next event. They will look through their lists and then come up with some options.

Next videos of perhaps 5 relevant speakers will be sent to the client. This is where the showreel comes into play.

The question then becomes – how do you condense over 20 years of speaking and commercial experience on over 550 stages in 40 countries into just a few minutes and grab their attention so you’re the one they select for their event?

Working with Jacob Collins, Amelia Sidebottom. Michael Levey and Amanda Fong, we’ve got my showreel down to just over 2 minutes. I hope it gives a taste of the topics I speak about including:

Web3, The Metaverse, Crypto, NFTs & Blockchain explained

The Workplace of the Future

Becoming Digitally Curious®

Are you ready for Generative AI?

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

It also shows how I interact with the audience and as the Actionable Futurist leave every delegate with an action plan for next week.

If you’d like to know more about what I speak about and how I can help you and your teams better understand and use the latest technologies then please use the contact form to enquire about availability and fees.