Odgers Berndtson Luncheon series – are you AI ready?

  • 2 February 2018
  • Odgers Berndtson London

Andrew presented a thought-provoking talk to Law Firm managing partners about the threats and opportunities from Digital Disruption at the offices of Odgers Berndtson in London titled “Are you AI ready?“.

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In this rapidly changing world, new technologies, especially artificial intelligence are having an impact on the legal industry.  Are you ready for these changes, and what can you and your firm do to adapt?

Other technologies such as blockchain are already impacting areas such as smart contracts, but what should you do to respond?

Against a rapidly changing backdrop, and with emergent new technologies, younger generations are entering the workplace with different expectations, and the industry is facing increasing demands from clients.

To stay ahead, it is essential your firm is agile enough to understand, adapt and attract the people you need to meet these challenges successfully.

Leading Digital Practitioner, Actionable Futurist and former Managing Partner at IBM Andrew Grill spoke about how disruption is affecting the legal industry and what you can do to stay ahead.

Other issues which were addressed at this executive luncheon included:

  • Which technologies are most likely to impact law firms?
  • What skills are needed to understand and implement these new technologies?
  • How must your culture change to adopt and adapt to a new way or working?
  • What are other firms and other industries doing to keep up?
  • How do we encourage “diversity of thinking” in our firms?

Importantly, his content is immediately accessible, easy to understand and he is experienced at presenting to the C-suites of fortune 500 companies around the world.

Attendees left the session with practical tips and next steps ready to apply the following week.

This topic can be delivered as a stand-alone keynote for any audience.


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