Innovation Keynote Speaker Andrew Grill has over 30 years of experience running 6 high-tech startups as well as driving innovative technology projects inside corporates such as Telstra, Optus, British Aerospace, The University of South Australia and IBM.

He transformed the commercial property market with the launch of PropertyLook.

He launched Australia’s first high-speed inter-city data network for Optus, beating rival Telstra.

At British Aerospace, he worked on the development of an innovative satellite communications platform for the Australian Army.

Before GPS was installed into all mobile phones, he was behind the launch of an innovative location service sold to Vodafone.

Way back in 2011 when social media influencers were starting to evolve, he transformed the industry with the launch of the influencer platform Kred.

Today, innovation requires a new way of thinking, and Andrew’s experience and approach are what you need.

Why not book Andrew to provide actionable advice that can be put into place the same day when it comes to driving innovation, or see his range of speaking topics on the keynote topics page.

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