1 April 2013 @ 16:00 – 17:00 Europe/London Timezone
Bloomberg Radio

Featured guest on the Tonya Hall radio show speaking about Social Business 11am ET/4pm GMT

You can listen to the show in 4 parts below, and I have summarized what we discussed in each segment.

Part 1 (7 mins) We discussed how we first met through social media, the April Fools jokes circulating on social media, and how no brand is too big to fail on social media.


Part 2 (10 mins) We discussed the difference between social media and social business using my Broadway show analogy, how companies need to prepare properly to be a social business, and the “twitter tax” that many companies pay when they start out in social.

Part 3 (10 mins) We discussed and the 6 stages you need to go through to become a social business – referencing the Altimeter report “the evolution of social business”, the internal use of social media in companies, and turning likes into leadership – moving away from our fixation on the number of likes. In addition we discussed how companies should embrace those internal advocates in an organisation and how they should not regulate their use of social media, and how to deal with negative feedback on social media.

Part 4 (10 mins) In this final part we looked at how CEOs should give back, and help educate the leaders of the future. We also looked at what the CEO of the future will look like and the skills they will need, as well as the importance of using tools and blogging to really understand how social works.