Did you know that spending just 30 minutes a week becoming more digitally curious about AI tools can make you more employable and become the “go-to” person in your organisation around AI and new technologies? It can also unlock a secret productivity hack your co-workers haven’t yet discovered.

If you’re not using Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT on a daily basis, start now, and you’ll be head of most people in your organisation.

The question I’m asked all the time is, what do I ask it beyond “Write me a poem?” My advice is to ask it to perform tasks that you might ask an Intern to do – such as do some brief research, suggest titles for a new report, or summarise a long document.

When you see the power of these tools first-hand and become truly digitally curious, then you will move into a new phase of technical literacy. You’ll start to see the ways that your organisation can benefit from AI.

As I explain in this short video below, you may become the “go-to” person in your department because you’ve invested the time to better understand this business-altering technology.

If you’d like to see how Generative AI and other technologies can transform your workplace and the way you get work done, then simply google “actionable futurist” to find me and understand how I can help your organisation in a multitude of ways.

Why not take that 30-minute challenge and see what all the fuss is about and discover a secret productivity hack that no other coworker knows about … yet?