Apperio: Key trends influencing legal departments in Private Equity Firms

  • 29 April 2021

This event looked at key trends influencing legal departments in Private Equity Firms and was live-streamed to help stakeholders in private funds exchange ideas and best practices for efficiently deploying and managing legal resources.

Leading industry that presented included:

– Neil MacDougall, Chair of Silverfleet Capital and Chair of the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA)
– Pamela Miranda, CPA, CA – Founder & Managing Director for MiiCap
– Jason Mulvihill, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, for the American Investment Council (AIC)
– Andrew Grill The Actionable Futurist, and former IBM Global Managing Partner.

To see other keynotes and companies Andrew has presented to in the legal industry, please visit the legal keynotes page.

About the event

As Private Equity activity continues to grow, this panel explores which industry trends will have the biggest impact on PE legal teams in 2021. 

During this session, our panellists from the UK & US will share their thoughts on how specific trends are influencing legal work within PE houses, along with challenges that are being faced by legal leaders.

Trends that will be discussed include:

  • Changes in strategy accelerated by the global pandemic
  • Increasing scrutiny from LPs
  • The rise of cost control measures in PE houses
  • Digitization and its role in strategic decision making
  • How ESG will shape decisions made within legal departments 
  • How will issues such as cyber security impact the deal process and where does the legal department fit in?

The in-house lawyer of the future is going to be so much more than a sharp legal mind. They will need to be commercially-focused strategic partners, tech-savvy innovators, and the fulcrum on which the business rests.

The legal tech revolution helps lawyers identify and exploit opportunities. ALX London will prepare them for changing perceptions of how in-house teams bring value to their business.

General Counsels will be the core component in managing business stakeholders, relationships, and external law firms, and will ensure their businesses run efficiently and continue to grow.

ALX London is about equipping the lawyer of tomorrow with the skills they need to adapt to the changing legal landscape.

The expo is designed for General Counsels, Heads of Legal, Legal Operations Managers and other senior decision-makers within in-house legal departments.



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