Environmental sustainability is often seen as just minimising the impact on a company’s business model. Environmental expert Trevor Hutchings from Gemserv argues that companies need to strive to become net-positive, giving back more than they take out. 

Trevor is Director of Strategy and Communications at Gemserv and spent much of his early career in the UK civil service, working in a number of government departments and with the European Commission in Brussels, including positions at the Department of Energy and Climate Change where he was responsible for major programs on energy efficiency and the low carbon economy.

He went on to join the World Wildlife Fund, the global conservation charity, where he was Director of Advocacy, working to improve public policy on the environment.

As well as his role at Gemserv, Trevor is chair of the Green Purposes Company set up by the Government to safeguard the green mission of the UK’s Green Investment Bank.

He is also a Fellow at the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

We spoke about a topic that has been in the news lately – that of the “right of repair” of technical devices and the whole notion of sustainability.

We also spoke about how companies can realistically move towards net zero, or even net positive.

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