Is your business ready for Web3?

Do you have a Web3 strategy, and do you need one?

Topics such as Web3, Metaverse, Crypto, NFTs, and Blockchain are all over the media – so what should you be doing?

Andrew will provide your audience with no-nonsense and meaningful explanations of all these new technologies as well as the pros and cons of each.

This talk also examines how companies are thinking about these latest trends and why many brands are jumping on bandwagon without truly understanding or exploring what the metaverse and Web3 entail.

  • Do you have anyone in your team thinking about the implications for IP and how to protect your band?
  • Do you have the ability to implement and manage a virtual land?
  • Is it just hype?

Rather than following suit, brands need to fully explore the implications of its adoption across the business and consider whether it is something they actually want rather than following the crowd.

This video excerpt above covers the Metaverse, Blockchain and NFTs and was recorded in London in September 2022.

This keynote topic also looks at how can you best prepare your organisation for new ways of doing business that could be unleashed if public blockchain technologies fulfil their early promise and also covers the emerging world of Non Fungible Tokens.

The content can be adapted to suit any industry or audience.