I gave a personal branding masterclass in London and shared some of my tips from the last 23 years of having a presence on the web (in 1994 my Master’s degree gave us a web server and said go!)

I shared the tips in phases:

Phase 0:  Ensure your profile picture & bio is professional/set LinkedIn public URL

Phase 1: Develop your brand – Have a point of view.

Phase 2: Grow your brand – being compelling/consistent/authentic

Phase 3: Stand out Branded email domain & website + personal business cards

Phase 4: Blog on own domain/LinkedIn publishing

Phase 5: Public speaking and beyond One question from the floor was an interesting one – what happens when your personal brand starts to compete with the company brand?

If you work at a startup (as I did over a 12 year period), you may find that one brand helps the other.

In my startup career I had two interesting conversations with founders over the years about if I was promoting my brand or the (new) startup’s brand.

My answer was always – I’m promoting both. One brand can help the other and I’m aware of the value of my personal brand so would not want to put it at risk.

Who else has had an experience like this? How can you promote and develop your own brand while working within another brand?

Watch my personal branding masterclass “Brand You” from 2016 below.