Generative Artificial Intelligence or Generative AI – is a relatively new term that is being mentioned a lot when it comes to AI chat engines such as ChatGPT and AI-generated art from platforms such as Midjourney.

You probably can’t miss reading something about these new platforms here or in the mainstream media. On the BBC last night on their Newsnight program, there was a discussion about Nick Cave’s response to a fan who sent in a song written by ChatGPT “in the style of Nick Cave” who said it was “a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human”.

The real power of Generative AI platforms will be in the Enterprise. Watch me explain why at the Codestone Future Ready Office of the CFO event where I presented the keynote address.

I first spoke of the power of, and the threats from Deepfakes back in early 2019, an early form of Generative AI technology, and it’s only getting better with time. I’ve just updated my speaking topics to cover this new and exciting chapter of AI as part of my ongoing Points of View video series that you can watch below.

So what should you do now? As with all my keynotes, here are 3 actionable tips for you to work on today, tomorrow and this week.

1. Sign up for an OpenAI account and understand what the platform can and cannot do

2. Experiment with AI art generators from companies such as Midjourney and Vana

3. Assign someone in your team to understand how generative AI might enhance your business and what threats may exist if you are creating content

I believe that Generative AI has much promise because the companies I’ve mentioned have removed the friction from the process to allow a novice user to harness an AI platform with little training, putting the power of AI within reach of consumers rather than being the exclusive domain of AI experts and academics.

2023 will be an interesting year and might be when AI becomes of age, and the wider business community starts to adopt these platforms into new and existing workflows.

It will also produce a paradigm shift in how we create content – now we have a super-human on our team, so we’ll simply review their work rather than start from scratch.

Are you ready for the power of Generative AI? This is one of my speaking topics, so let me craft a talk for your teams or clients that breaks down the jargon and looks at how it will impact your business in the next 12 months.

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