Will 2024 be a pivotal year for AI? I was interviewed live on the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Podcast by long-time friend David Terrar. He asked me just that – and while trying not to over-hype things, yes, I think it will be.

We compared the rapid growth of Social Media back in 2007 to what we’ve seen with GenAI in 2023. One parallel I drew is that Governments didn’t convene safety summits back then (although they should have in hindsight) to look at the possible harmful effects, yet last year, world leaders convened at Bletchley Park to look at the possible harm from AI.

I believe that 2024 will build on the momentum of 2023, and we will see more industry-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) emerge that will be useful for industries and consumers.

We’ll also see the refinement of voice (hard to distinguish) and video (nearly there) clones generated by AI that will be useful for things such as training and education. Still, the downside might be much worse when it comes to elections and deepfakes.

As always, you need to stay Digitally Curious and experiment with these new technologies to see how they may work for you and your business.

Watch a replay of the whole 20-minute episode below.